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Cheers, Dave

So, David Cameron left the office of Prime Minister this afternoon.  Many paid tribute to him for his 6 years of service to the country.  Many others consider that any and all good he may have done over that time … Continue reading

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Bit of Politics….

Obviously I’m writing this in the days following the referendum on whether the United Kingdom should remain in the European Union or leave it. I voted to stay in, but that’s really only incidental to this post.  I really don’t … Continue reading

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Madam knows best

Those of you who know me a bit will know that a reference to a “Madam” is usually to one of my delightful, yet high-maintenance, daughters. Not this time. Last night, I attended a seminar given by Madam Becky Adams, … Continue reading

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Upward trend – the “green shoots” for the Trade Union movement

What am I doing here? I’m supposed to be (inter alia): packing for weekend away tidying house phoning my sister (sorry Bex) ironing developing my business  etc etc etc… In fact I have spent the last half hour scrabbling around … Continue reading

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Breastfeeding in public – tolerate or facilitate?

I saw this morning, Justin Forsyth, Chief Executive of of Save the Children interviewed on BBC Breakfast about their latest report highlighting the benefits of breastfeeding in the first hour after birth and the global decline in breastfeeding rates.  He … Continue reading

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Change for change’s sake

My typically positive outlook has been tested greatly in the last 2 weeks.  There was I looking forward to a new year, and all the challenges and rewards it will doubtless bring in varying measure. Have I been allowed to … Continue reading

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Flexible working – beyond the law

This post is the full version of my guest post for Anywhere Work from a few weeks ago, with more content, more examples and more links.  It is quite literally Christmas come early.  Feel free to send me mulled wine … Continue reading

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