Desperately Seeking Damon

UPDATE: I wrote this post over a year ago, unfortunately I didn’t find Damon but I did find a very worthy cause to which to hand over the print. A friend of mine is organising a charity dinner this Autumn in aid of the Matt Hampson Foundation ( Compered by James Corden, the event aims to raise much needed funds to help young people who suffer catastrophic injuries through sport live as normal a life as possible. If you know or can contact Damon Hill for me – please help me, to help the Matt Hampson Foundation, to help injured youngsters to “Get Busy Living”.



Some years ago, I dealt with an extremely difficult case where emotions ran high.  An employee (who was still employed) brought claims against their employer and their manager.

The employee was unrepresented but wouldn’t communicate via Acas.  I walked a tightrope during hours of telephone discussions with him as I wanted him to know that he was being listened to by his employer but equally wanted him to understand that I represented them and was not advising him.  My file notes ran to several pages.

Once the matter was resolved, I received a mysterious package.  The employee had evidently checked out my profile on the firm’s website (moral: be careful what you put in your biogs folks!) and had decided to send me a limited edition print of Damon Hill (original by Ross Wardle).  He wanted to thank me for listening to him.

I discussed the matter with my then…

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