Sometimes the simplest advice is the best

I’ve been blogging and tweeting now for 4 months.  What has amazed me is the sheer volume of top quality advice being blogged and tweeted.  When I have time I read posts that don’t involve employment law or professional training, but I have to be very careful not to get too drawn in.  As I’m sure readers will appreciate, it’s very easy to spend several hours indulging in blogs that are highly informative, inspirational or downright funny (and in many cases all three).

I read this post yesterday.  It made so much sense that I had to find a way to work it into a blog post of my own.

I am no expert on time management, workflow planning, prioritisation or social media management all of which are touched on in that post.  But I do know about employment law.  I know that employers and employees alike find their rights and obligations complicated, confusing and frustrating.

In the spirit of simplification, I’ve had a think about how I could distill the whole of employment law into a nutshell.  Ambitious, yes, but I like a challenge.  This is what I came up with:

“ensure equality, act fairly”

Whilst I would be foolish to suggest that these four words alone are all the advice an employer needs (before anyone asks “but how do you define “fairly”” etc.), I think they are as good a starting point as any.

Several Formula 1 drivers, when asked what their advice would be to a “rookie” driver, have come out with pearls of wisdom along the lines of “drive fast, don’t crash” .  Obviously if that was the only advice a driver had before they got in the car, they wouldn’t even make the car move, let alone drive it fast.  The point is that a  short and sweet “headline” gives a starting point from which a natural progression is then putting in place the processes and procedures needed to achieve that overarching aim.  For an employer, understanding why they are being told to “have a whistleblowing policy” or “follow the ACAS Code” makes the process of actually doing it much more meaningful.

That is why my favourite posts and tweets are the ones that have a focused and simple message.  I hope I have achieved the same in this one.

Comments very welcome!

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One Response to Sometimes the simplest advice is the best

  1. Karen says:

    I love a post / blog with a simple message so wholeheartedly agree. With an Internet full of wonders I’m sure I only get to see 1% of I don’t want to be finding the point or message …. I’d get bored and move on. Good post x

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